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-span radio, and c- this morning, republican presidential candidate, mitt rally in virginia. then "washington journal." the family research council holds its value voters summit this weekend. michele bachmann and house majority leader eric cantor will speak. it will be aired on c-span 2 and >> people like to see where politicians' views have shifted over the years. and like to see how mitt romney was campaigning against welfare reform and against abortion. i think people really like to see how these politicians have devolved. there is an element that is a gotcha elements. there is also an element that this is incredibly interesting. >> i tried to think why he has changed so often and why he finds it so difficult to come down on one side of an issue. >> there is a governor named ron the lloyd h.. -- rod blagojevich. >> more with the buzzfeed "q & a."on c-span's >> mitt romney criticized president obama for his economic policy. he also talked about the recent deaths of four americans in libya. this is about 25 minutes. ["i was born free" plays] >> thank you so very
in 1979. brought to you as a public service by your television provider. >> former virginia governor tim kaine is running for senate this year. in 2008, barack obama 1 virginia. the first time a democratic presidential candidate had done so in 44 years. after tim kane, we would hear from colorado congressman jared polis and former ohio governor ted strickland. >> it is so great to be here tonight. charlotte is doing a great job. i specially want to give thanks to my friends from virginia. [applause] you know, a few years ago, very few imagines virginia would be a battleground state. virginia had last voted for a democrat for president in 1964, but in 2008 we proudly casts our electoral votes for president obama. [cheers and applause] 2008, we elected to outstanding senators, jim webb and mark warner, and if i had anything to do with it we will win again in 2012. [applause] how did virginia go from red to purple? we did it with grass roots excitement and hard work. we showed virginians that democrats get results. [applause] when i was governor, during the worst recession since the great d
and shannon, please welcome ed meagher from virginia. [applause] >> good evening. call my name is ed meagher. can you to imagine how it feels to return to a war, emotionally, can -- from a war, emotionally entangled. and the country you are fighting for does not welcome you home. as the veteran of, he of the it war -- vietnam war, i know how that feels. i decided i would do what i can to get the soldiers returning from iraq and afghanistan to get a better welcome home than i had carried along with two of my fellow veterans, i worked with some of the most seriously injured soldiers and families. to lift their spirits. we held entities to realize that even though they have lost limbs, they have their lives. operation jumpstart helps them strategically think about the next phase of their lives. we have helped punch up resumes, but they do knox know they are marketable. we have coached them in france business outfits and computers to help with job searches. supporting our efforts is president obama's actions, increasing the budget to $140 billion in 2013. fully funding the new gi bill allowing o
has control. there are parts of virginia where the union army has a foothold. slavery still exists in those areas. >> president lincoln issued an early version of the emancipation proclamation. this weekend on american history tv, authors and historians take your questions on the battle of antietam and reproductions of the most -- repercussions. secretary reject >> secretary of state clinton says the u.s. government had nothing to do with the video. she condemned the violent demonstrations and the attack in libya that led to the death of four americans. her remarks were about 10 minutes. >> this is a very important first session of the u.s.- morocco strategic dialogue. before i begin to address the significance of the strategic dialogue and the next step in our long relations with morocco, i want to say a few words about the events unfolding in the world today. we are closely watching what is happening in yemen and elsewhere. we are hoping there'll be steps taken to avoid violence and prevent the escalation of protests into violence. i also want to take a moment to address the vide
of overwhelm who live in the second congressional district of virginia. these are families that are reeling financially and also in their health has been damaged because of drywall that was manufactured in a detective manner in china and installed in homes across our great land. they are friends and neighbors, hard-working folks who saved and both homes and were living the american dreams. and their dreams, mr. speaker, so often has turned into a true nightmare. their children have developed bloody noses and respiratory ailments. i have met with these families and having to pay for their current home which is uninhabitable and maybe attempt to buy another home. it is financial stress that so many of the families have been unable to adjust to. and many that i have met with have filed financial bankruptcy. i appreciate the leadership of the chairwoman this evening and my friend and colleague, representative, deutch, a co-chair man with me. we have introduced a bipartisan legislation that addresses this problem. and we don't portend that it fixes everything but it is a major and significant st
the 2008 with places like northern virginia follow them. which is what the states are following them very michael bennet 160% of college white women in 2010. it was not just hispanics. obama today is that 58% among college white women. >> abortion is a high and tense issue on both sides of the debate. it is important to keep it that the mind. >> every republican presidential nominee endorsed -- abortion is what it is. other elements added as allowing obama to hold both among those women. that also shapes the issue makes -- mix. >> immigration is not an issue that is a core based republican conservative issue. there is a sizable minority group within the party who cares deeply about it. why has it become the position of the party when in fact it is a huge ingrowing motor block for whom it is an important issue. >> we might have different views about this. when it is framed, all that matters is are you going to build a fence? i also think it is about how are these things represented. and what you obligated to say when you're pinned down. do you believe that enforcing these laws that seems p
of the delegates from virginia and colorado. what do you take away from the speeches? is there a line or a moment you will remember? >> i will remember michelle obama and talking to the crowd about how wonderful a husband he is. i like to see him go back to the promises that brought him into the presidency in the beginning. >> from your perspective? >> the line was when he goes through a door, he will not shut it. he wants others to come in through that door. that is what he is about, making sure every american has the same opportunity to achieve, that we can all pursue that american dream. >> thank you all for being with us. >> our lines are split by supporters of the president and supporters of the republican ticket, and independence. we look forward to your reaction to tonight's evening. the keynote speech by juliƁn castro, and first lady michelle obama. carlo.egin with i wouldcaller: michelle obama ms me proud to be an american. also, to the girl who told us to pray for mitt romney. i hope it works. that was classy, and sweet. >> next caller. : thank you so much for c-span. i am thankful c-s
farnsworth, political science professor at the university in virginia on a campaign 2012 and virginia's role as a swing state. also, anthony sanders of george mason university on housing prices. washington journal," lived with your phone calls, every morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern. >> see the first of the presidential debates next wednesday, live on c-span, c- span radio, and online. . watch ending date. tonight, a debate at the texas tribune festival between mayor julian castro and ted cruz. and then political fact checkers look at it statements from the obama and ronnie campaigns. then debates for california's seventh congressional district. >> to texas politicians, each touted as the future of their parties, debated the economy, immigration, and other issues at the "texas tribune" festival in austin. julian castro is the mayor of saying antonio and was the keynote speaker at the republican convention. tedthis is one hour. >> i think you know the drill today. i hope you will enjoy as many of those as you can. if you have phones and you're agram,ing to tweet or instr we ask you to
the thousands of innocent souls lost in new york, pennsylvania, and virginia. we will not forget the rescue workers or the sacrifice of the brave men and women of our man's armed forces, state department, intelligence committee who have made the world safer. determination carry us through those dark days. we will not forget the way carnation fallback against the fear --we will not for get the way our nation fought back. >> cardinal edward egan talks about going to st. vincent's hospital that morning. he found itself standing with two doctors. one of them was visibly shaken. if family members of his was in the towers on a high floor. the cardinal passed the young doctor if he would like to go somewhere and talk. the doctor said, no, i'm a doctor and this is my place. everyone in their ground -- everyone stood their ground. everyone stood their place. the patriots who banded together in the sky over shanksville to save this capital and these steps. the volunteers who raised their hands and said, "i will go and i will fight overseas in perilous conditions." the good samaritans who lined up to
the backlog for disability claims reaches nearly 1 million, when a federal building in virginia becomes structurally unstable because so many claims have filed up, we can all agree the system is in need of serious and urgent reform. and it is. [applause] our veterans deserve care and benefits that are second to none garrett there is considerable work waiting to be done. the backlog of disability claims these to be eliminated. unconscionable wait from mental-health treatment need to be dramatically shortened and the suicide rate among active- duty soldiers and veterans must be treated like the emergency it is. veterans' benefits are not a gift that is given. but a debt that is due. [applause] the problem with the va are serious and they have to be fixed. we are in danger of another danger -- generation of veterans losing their faith in the system so we must ensure the va keeps the faith with our veterans. we must keep our promises and regain the trust of all those who have served our country. when i was governor of massachusetts, i saw firsthand the guards bravery and valor. in 2006, i v
, the gentleman from virginia. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from virginia is recognized for one minute. mr. cantor: i thank the speaker and thank the gentlelady for her leadership in bringing this resolution forward. mr. eaker, i rise today in support of this resolution to condemn the violence against our diplomatic missions in libya, egypt, yemen, and elsewhere. we acknowledge and honor the personal sacrifice of the brave americans who gave their lives in service to our nation. u.s. ambassador chris stevens, foreign service information management officer sean smith, and security officers tyrone woods and glen doherty tragically lost their lives far from home in benghazi, libya, where they were promoting american interests and helping the libyan people secure the hard fought gains of their revolution. these heroes died upholding th liberty, democracy, and moderation we value as a nation. in the wake of their jobs and ongoing protests and violence, americans want to know wh our strategy is for protecting our diplomats, our interests, and our values in a region that is undergoing a profo
to the gentleman from virginia, our leader. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from virginia is recognized for one minute. mr. cantor: thank you, madam speaker. i want to thank the gentleman from new jersey and commend the gentleman from florida on bringing this bill forward. madam speaker, the bill before us is not about tax rates. because i think that that issue will be resolved one way or another here shortly in this election. because we know that there's a difference between the two sides. unfortunately our counterparts on the other side of the aisle think it's very important in this tough economy to raise taxes. we don't believe that, madam speaker. but the bill before us sply asks the president to give us his plan for replacing the first year of cuts in the sequester. it has been 126 days since we passed our plan to responsibly replace the sequester wi cuts that maintain our fiscal discipline. our plan controls unchecked government spending and reduces wasteful and duplicative programs but still there has been no action and no proposal coming from the other side of the capitol, comin
at norfolk state university will focus on the role of virginia in the election. we will also be joined by the editor in chief of the washington monthly to discuss a recent article in the magazine examining the consumer financial protection juror -- protection bureau. >> september 11, 2001, was a day that changed my life forever. i will go through a presentation, able ally in the account of the historical account of the attack as things transpired that day. a lot of things happened very quickly. i will do my best not to ramble on and go too fast. i would ask you to sit back and clear your mind and put yourself in that room and you'll get a real sense of what it was like to be at the top of the food chain. >> more from a retired lieutenant colonel robert darling. this weekend on american history tv, sunday at 7:30 on c-span3. >> the former ambassador to pakistan says the u.s. needs a new approach in its relationship with that country. he spoke for the first time since returning from islam abide at an event hosted by the carnegie endowment for injured -- islamabad at an event hosted by th
pretty much in natural. even before today, actually, last friday, in woodbridge, virginia, obama said again that he wants to use or savings to pay down the debt and put people to work. i think that is fair game for the debates if they go there. for romney, i have a prediction that i think is solid. it goes back to the title of his campaign book two years ago -- "no apology." ever since, romney has made a point to criticize obama every time he thinks there is any whiff of apology in something the president has said. i first heard it myself last april here in town, when romney was making a speech to a group of newspaper executives. he blamed obama for the anemic recovery and said, "obama's attention has been elsewhere. he was not focused enough on the economy. his attention had been on things like a government takeover of health care and apologizing for america abroad." in our fact check that day, we quoted what obama had said in overseas trips, including an assertion that at times the u.s. had acted contrary to its own ideals or had been selective in where it sought to promote democrac
battleground states like ohio and virginia and florida. we can name them all. i'm not sure about nebraska, but we want every vote in nebraska that we can get. but just think back to 2008. back then, we won florida by 236,000 votes. and while that might sound like a lot, that's just 36 votes per precinct. we've done those numbers, because it's important to understand just how crucial every little bit means. 36 votes, right? you can picture that. and if you think that's close, don't forget that we won north carolina by just 14,000 votes. that's just five votes per precinct, five. so, starting the minute you get up out of these chairs, we need to you get out there and get those 36 votes, right? we need to you get those five votes. and then when you get those five, get five more. and after that, keep getting five, because we all know -- we all know somebody, right? we all know five people, we all know 36 people that can make the difference in the election, and we need you to do that work and don't stop until the polls close on november 6. because what you all do every day for the next 62 days
. "playboy" magazine has just declared the university of virginia as the top party school. >> i was in the library the whole time. >> into 2006 he became the first lawyer to fill a position, assistant attorney general, for -- and is now in private practice. ken, please. >> i always thought it was dangerous to be on a panel that starts with a reference to "playboy." i have been asked about three cases, and national security case, and then other cases. clapper vs. amnesty international, a standing case related to a challenge of the fisa amendments act. fisa was passed in 2008, an amendment of the foreign intelligence surveillance act that was passed in 1978. you have to understand the merits of little bit. >> for those watching on c-span, what is standing? >> whether a party has a right to appear in court and challenge the statutes. the plaintiffs are attorneys, human rights activists, and others who are in regular contact with people overseas, people who might be the subject of electronic surveillance by the federal government, and they are challenging the law that allows this be
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